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  • This item is entirely hand-crafted.


    Wrist object (please enter the circumference of you wrist in cm during check out)


    Material: Japanese Kourin Urushi lacquer, horn, vegetable-tanned horse leather, horse hair, bone, sterling silver.


    Color: black and orange (genuine cinnabar).


    ° The Urushi we use is made by a traditional manufacturer established since the 19th century in the historical center of Kyoto, Japan, utilizing the refining technology that has been passed down from generation to generation.

    The Kourin Urushi we use has been made finer through its more rigorous purification and refining process.

    Its mirror-like finish and Its durability is one of its special qualities, and it will retain much of its gloss over time.

    It is also used for the restoration of Japanese National Treasures.


    ° The leather we use is made by an ancient  tannery in Tuscany, Italy, specialized in vegetable-tanned horse leather. Vegetable tanning has origins in prehistoric times and in Tuscany it experienced its maximum splendor. Natural tannins from trees are used with the addition of oil and animal fat. The tannin-based vegetable tanned leather highlights and enhances its original characteristics, such as small wrinkles and veins that transpire on the animal's skin, for this reason the raw leather used must be, from the point of view of quality, the best that the market offers. When rubbed, the skin becomes shinier and more beautiful. This is linked to improved wear resistance which, instead of worsening the leather, brings out the best of it.


    Lead time : 6 to 8 weeks for this piece (Except if the piece is already in stock).

    This duration can alternate depending on the demand of our customers.

    We do not accept any returns or exchanges and do not issue refunds on this item.

    EPIDERM 09

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