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  • Unique - 2021


    Wood-fired stoneware,Urushi lacquer, horn, bone, silk thread, 24k gold, horse hair, linen thread, leather, green garnet, emerald, grossular garnet, nephrite, trémolite, serpentine.


    Life size


    ° The firing of the piece is made in an "Anagama"-type kiln. Wood fired ceramics are particular in their tonality and textures that can only be obtained through this centuries old process using the Anagama  kilns. The temperature can reach 2,500 °F and the whole firing lasts several days, producing fly ash and volatile salts. It is the complex interaction between the flame, ash and minerals of the clay that forms the natural ash glaze which may vary in texture and thickness. The surface may turn out smooth and glossy or rough and sharp. Originally from China, the Anagama kiln found its way to Japan in the 5th century.


    ° The Urushi we use is made by a traditional manufacturer established since the 19th century in the historical center of Kyoto, Japan, utilizing the refining technology that has been passed down from generation to generation.

    The Kourin Urushi we use has been made finer through its more rigorous purification and refining process.

    Its mirror-like finish and Its durability is one of its special qualities, and it will retain much of its gloss over time.

    It is also used for the restoration of Japanese National Treasures.


    This piece ships via UPS domestic and international (Custom Duties & Taxes May Apply).
    Due to the nature of the piece, it cannot be returned or exchanged.



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